Letters: Frank Field’S Flair For Organising Obituary 2024

Frank Field’s Impact on Poverty and Social Change

Dormitant Accounts Act and Youth Empowerment

Frank Field’s advocacy for the Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Act 2008 played a crucial role in improving the lives of elderly people and youth communities. Dormant accounts were utilized to alleviate pension scheme collapses, providing support to those in financial distress. Additionally, the Act allowed for the establishment of youth facilities and community centers in deprived areas. Langley Park’s successful collaboration with Poplar Harca Housing Association resulted in the construction of a new sixth form accommodation and youth center.

Combating Food Poverty and Hunger

Field’s work on food poverty led to the Feeding Britain parliamentary report and the founding of the Feeding Britain charity. Recognizing the importance of the NHS in addressing hunger, he partnered with Lambeth’s GP co-operative to initiate the Hunger and Health project. This practical initiative emphasized the NHS’s role in reducing hunger, which Field considered a health emergency.

Support for Divorced and Separated Clergy Wives

Frank Field’s compassion extended to divorced and separated clergy wives, who often faced financial and emotional challenges. He convened a meeting which resulted in the establishment of Broken Rites, a peer-to-peer support group for affected individuals. For four decades, Field served as Broken Rites’ president, offering guidance and support.

Protecting the Rainforest and Indigenous Communities

Field’s concern for environmental conservation led him to support Johan Eliasch’s efforts to close down an illegal logging concession. The subsequent establishment of Cool Earth involved working with Indigenous communities in the Amazon, Congo, and New Guinea. Cool Earth recognized the importance of involving these communities in rainforest protection, providing them with financial support to keep their rainforests intact. By working with the grain of human nature, Field believed that poverty reduction and environmental conservation could be achieved simultaneously.