Zainab Jamil Accuses ‘Husband’ Of Orchestrating Murder Attempt

## Zainab Jamil Raises Concerns in Failed Murder Attempt Investigation, Alleges Husband’s Involvement

Failed Murder Attempt

Former model and actress Zainab Jamil has alleged her husband’s involvement in a failed murder attempt on her life in Lahore’s DHA Phase IV. Jamil, who announced her retirement from showbiz in 2020, was the target of a shooting by masked men on May 23, 2024.

Allegations and Evidence

In a video message posted on Instagram, Jamil claimed that her husband was behind the attack and that she had been receiving death threats from him for the past two months. She presented evidence to support her claims, including a recorded conversation with her husband.

Police Investigation Concerns

Jamil expressed dissatisfaction with the police investigation, stating that she still faced threats to her life and that her voice was being suppressed. She appealed to the Inspector General of Punjab to intervene and ensure a transparent investigation.

Previous Threats

Jamil revealed that she had previously received murder threats and a threatening letter had been posted to her beauty salon. She emphasized that the attack on her vehicle was a planned ambush, as the attackers were well-prepared.

Background: Zainab Jamil’s Career and Hiatus

Jamil’s acting credits include popular dramas such as “Khuda Aur Muhabbat,” “Aap Ki Kaneez,” and “Sada Sukhi Raho.” In December 2020, she announced her decision to leave showbiz to focus on studying Islam.

Investigation Status

According to police officials, a case has been registered against two unidentified men based on a complaint from Jamil’s uncle. The search for the culprits is ongoing, and a pistol and motorcycle were recovered from the crime scene.

Celebrity Reactions

The incident has sparked concern and support from the entertainment industry. Several celebrities have expressed their solidarity with Jamil and called for a thorough investigation.

Call for Justice

Jamil’s allegations have raised questions about the safety of women in Pakistan. Activists and rights groups have condemned the attack and demanded justice for the victim.

Ongoing Developments

The investigation into the failed murder attempt is ongoing, and further updates are expected in the coming days. The case has highlighted the need for women’s voices to be heard and for perpetrators of violence to be held accountable.